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We actively mix advertisers and formats to produce advertising and content that engages the user and enhances the advertising offer. This helps to make the ad units relevant and the user more responsive as a result.

Generate Additional Revenue with Relevant Shopping Products and Content

We provide bespoke widgets for your website that deliver relevant shopping products to your users.

  • Relevancy — Our widgets add value to the content of your site by continuously delivering relevant products to the content of your site.
  • Product Depth — The coverage of products we have is second to none — we partner with 8 of the strongest shopping feeds, allowing us to offer over 500 million products in 12 countries. The depth in the feed allows us to offer coverage for a wide range of products but also improves the direct revenue generated on a click by click basis.
  • Customisation — Each and every day one of our integrations are customised to the look and feel of the site — this includes manipulating the size of widgets, to fit within the layout of the page, as well as the colouring, styles and fonts of the widgets.
  • Price Comparison — We have the ability to price compare the top 3 best prices for a particular product allowing your users to make an informed decision before clicking a link. Ensuring users are making an informed click, increases the likelihood of a purchase.
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Shopping Brain: API

  • 500+ million products covering 10+ countries
  • Products from Amazon, eBay, PriceGrabber, Shopping.com, etc.
  • Search by keyword, category, shop, or brand.
  • Powerful & flexible search capabilities with extensive filters.
  • Price Comparison built-in.
  • Products updated by the hour in real-time from suppliers.
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Shopping Brain: Feed

  • Develop your own search platform with our rich data-sets.
  • Updated by the hour 24/7/365.
  • Download by country, merchant and/or category.
  • Download regular updates to maintain your own database.
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  • Realtime traffic analysis and revenue reports.
  • Available via our integrated control panel, or via API in XML or JSON.
  • Daily reports available direct to your inbox.
  • Configurable alerts to always keep on top of your traffic.
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